About Us


F Woodworking


F Woodworking is devoted to the production of kitchen items

that make preparing the daily meals an enjoyable experience.

Superior quality materials


Minimum and maximum temperatures vary greatly

in the Tajima area of Hyogo Prefecture making it

one of Japan’s premium cypress growing regions.

Cypress grown in this area is

carefully selected and is slowly dried

for six months to create superior quality woodworking material.


Fujiwara Artisans

Traditional craftsmanship passed down through the ages


Himeji Castle is a World Heritage listed site. For hundreds of years,

Fujiwara artisans have been producing timber products in the castle town.

This long history and tradition have been passed down

and incorporated into our woodworking technologies.


Tajima Cypress

A bountiful blessing from Mother Nature

Every Tajima Cypress chopping board is carefully crafted

paying full respect to this blessing from nature.

The pinnacle of chopping boards



Every one of our kitchen items is carefully hand-made by craftsmen that

have inherited these superior materials and skills in the art of woodworking.


The explicit about the Japanese specific trade law

Based on the Japanese specific trade law, we express our information as follows.

◆ Dealer [FWoodWorking] provides fashionable household goods created with Banshu cypress
◆ Chief Operation Officer Haruka Fujiwara
◆ Address 3-1 Nishiyatsushiro-machi, Himeji, Hyogo, 670-0876, Japan
◆ Telephone number +81-79-293-2277
◆ Fax number +81-79-296-3626
◆ Sale price Commodity price + consumption tax
◆ Necessary fees other than commodity price ◇shipping cost ◇ Bank transfer fee (in the case of payment by bank transfer)
◇ cash by registered mail fee (in the case of a payment in cash by registered mail)◇ COD, delivery charge (in the case of payment by cash on delivery)
◆ order expires 1 month after order confirmation e-mail has been sent
◆ payment method <By PayPal>PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online, via a mobile device and in store. The service gives people simpler ways to send money without sharing financial information and with the flexibility to pay using their account balances, bank accounts, credit cards or promotional financing. www.paypal.com
◆ About order changes and cancellation No changes or cancelations can be made after we have sent “the shipping confirmation”e-mail.
◆ timing of the  shipment After sending an “order confirmation”, we will ship the customer’s order within 5 business days. If a customer pays by postal or bank transfer, after we confirm the payment, we will ship the customer’s order within 5 business days. During New Year’s holidays, summer holidays, our purchasing trip period, special orders or depending on shipping address, shipping could be delayed. If a customer wishes to exchange or return items, please contact us within 7 days after the customer receives the order. A customer may not exchange or return without our acceptance. Please contact us through this form.
◆ About exchange and returns In case items are damaged or defective:
· If the product was unused, we will exchange or a customer can return the item at our expense for shipping.
· If a customer already has used the product, we will fix it but it can not be exchanged.
※ If we do not see anything defective on the product, the item will be returned and the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost. ※ If the product is used, the packing box, the packing paper or the accessory is damaged,  or if a customer contacts us 7 days or later after the customer received the order, we can not accept, return or exchange regardless of if the product was used or not.

※ If a customer returns a used product, we can not exchange or give the customer a refund.
※ Please note that if a customer returns the product due to the product’s color and appearance image being different, that is considered customer’s convenience and is not warrantable..


Regarding the refund associated with returned or exchanged by customer’s convenience, we will send the a customer refund by bank transfer after we have received the returned product. We will deduct bank transfer fees and the shipping box costs and then send the customer the remains as refund.


If a customer returns the product on customer’s convenience, the customer is responsible for the shipping cost.


If a customer sends us the payment by bank transfer and if we have received an excess amount of money by accident, we will send the customer the difference by bank transfer after we deduct the transaction charge.


If a customer cancels the order before it is shipped, there is no charge. If the order has already been shipped, then the customer can return the product and we will send them a refund after we have received the returned product.


If a customer cancels the order and returns the product, the customer is responsible for the shipping cost to return.


If a customer purchased a product and resells it to someone else, we can not do anything for the resold product nor can we be responsible for it.


◆ website address http://www.fwoodworking.com/