Fujiwara Woodworking

Founded in 1907 in the city of Himeji,

Hyogo prefecture, our artisans have been making wooden drums

since the 1930s.


Hyogo is often said to have a Texas-like weather,

with high variations of temperature through the year.

It is because of this unique weather environment

that Hyogo is an ideal place to grow highest quality of Japanese cypress,

also known as Hinoki. With it, we can create the excellent kitchen products

that offer you at Fujiwara Woodworking.


Hinoki grown in Hyogo has great strength and durability;

It won’t damage the blade of the kitchen knife and won’t distort much over time.

It is because of this and many other reasons

that hinoki is commonly used as a cutting board in Japan.


There are long-established tools and skills

that have been passed down by tradition in order to harvest and treat

the highest quality of timber.


It’s Organic and Natural

Since we don’t use adhesives,

our products won’t contribute to the contamination of you meals with harmful chemicals.

The wood’s natural phytoncides and hinokinin compounds give the tree it’s unique fragrance;

these compounds are also know for their anti-inflammatory,

anti-viral and anti-parasitical properties,

preventing the rot of the wood or it’s consumption by pests or insects.

It is said that the fragrance provides a relaxing effect as well.

All of our products are made one at a time by craftsmen at Fujiwara Woodworking,

as they have for over 115 years.


The craftsmen go to a logging site

and carefully select only the highest quality Hinoki from the site.


We dry the Hinoki for half of a year before it can be used to craft our products.

We truly care about nature and the environment and take time to create our products

because we are very proud of our premium “Hinoki cutting boards”.


In memory of our predecessor.

September 11, 2019