Shipping Info

Shipping Information –  International


<About Order>

You will receive an “order confirmation” e-mail as soon as you have placed an order.

If you don’t receive the “order confirmation” e-mail, you may have misspelled your e-mail address or the confirmation e-mail may be in your junk mail box.

In either case, please check if you received the confirmation e-mail. If you don’t receive the e-mail, we won’t be able to contact you regarding your order.


<About Delivery>

<Shipping vender>


○After confirming the payment by bank transfer, we will ship the order within three business days.

For customized items, After we received an order, we will contact you and let you know how long we will need for production before we ship the order.

<Business Hours>

From Mon. to Friday (except holidays) 10:00A.M.-5:00P.M.


In case the items are out of stock or sold out, we will you contact you to inform the situation. In that case, we might not be able to deliver or shipment might be delayed.

○Our shipping department is closed on Sat., Sun. and holidays.

We might need a little more time for shipping during the new year holidays, long weekends or due to transportation conditions.


<Shipping Costs>

You can see the shipping cost on each item.

When you have multiple items to order, the highest shipping cost per item will be applied for all merchandise.

If you order more than 5 units for the same product, please contact us in advance. We will inform you how much shipping would cost.


<Payment Method>

<By PayPal>

PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online, via a mobile device and in store. The service gives people simpler ways to send money without sharing financial information and with the flexibility to pay using their account balances, bank accounts, credit cards or promotional financing.


○After confirming the payment, we will ship the order within 5 business days.

<Business Hours>

From Mon. to Fri. (except holidays) 10:00A.M.-5:00P.M.


○The total payment: product price (tax included) + shipping

○If we cannot confirm the payment in 10 days, the order will be canceled.

○About “a detailed purchase statement”

We will enclose “a purchase detailed statement” with the order.

If the shipping address is different from the billing address, we will mail the detailed purchase  statement to the billing address.


<About Noshi – gift wrapping>

We use eco-friendly paper for gift wrapping.